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Let Flight Assurance dot your I's and cross your T's!

From the Chronicles of Clovis, published in 286 AD, we were given the phrase that 'We are judged by the company we keep' and that is just as true today, in our highly competitive ecommerce environment, as it was then.

For aircraft ownership solutions and maintaining the required aircraft documents, we know you need the best service available. Flight Assurance realizes that one of our key roles is adding value to our client relationships by recommending others who are ‘best in class.’ These affiliates can assist with specialized services to solve real world problems. It is with a great deal of pride that we recommend specialists in the following fields:

Aircraft Life Cycle Analysis for Acquisition or Disposition

There are two sides to every transaction; the buy and the sell. The distance between the two is your satisfaction with both the aircraft you bought and the total cost of the ownership life cycle. A detailed needs analysis, against the current market, may cost you a little on the front end while saving dearly on the back end.


Aircraft Completion Specification, Design, and Management

The challenges of designing and selecting the numerous options of a new business jet interior, while managing the complexity of a scheduled delivery, can be an overwhelming task. Let us recommend professionals to guide you through the process and relieve the strain on your resources.

Zenith Jet

RVSM/NAT/MNPS/NextGen Manuals

Best in class is a euphemism that gets bantered about all too often. Your International Operations Manual (IOM) should not only be fully compliant but should come a price point that will allow it to be revised as regulations and circumstances evolve.


Operator Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Services

Whether your needs are commercial or those of a private operator wishing to customize your Operator MEL to IS-BAO, ICAO or EASA standards, our vendor will exceed your expectations.

Leading Edge

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Implementation

Today's aircraft, operating in the international arena, are required by many regulatory jurisdictions to have an approved Safety Management System (SMS). The fastest way to recognize and mitigate risk is to have a set of standardized procedures that measure your performance to IS-BAO standards. Let us guide you through the choices to a select a premier vendor to meet your needs.

Air Safety Group

Electronic Document Management

Technology only becomes a tool when it is effectively applied to improve the efficiency and safety of your operation. Allow us to introduce you to the world's industry leader in electronic document management software and provide you with an FAA, EASA, or Transport Canada approved program solution that will change the way you do business in the cockpit.


European Emissions Monitoring

All non-commercial operators, of large aircraft (12,500 lbs. or greater) are required to submit a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Plan and report their emissions for all operations within European Union airspace. We can show you the way to subscribe to an easier and more cost effective method of compliance.


Employer of Record & Temporary Crewing Services

Hire the right people through an agency, for your temporary staffing needs, that serves as an employer of record and insulates you from liability and risk by doing thorough due diligence on the employee background while handling their payroll, and providing required Workman's Compensation.

In-Flight Crew Connections

Supplemental Training

The world offers a dynamic regulatory environment and those who fly in it deserve training programs that are both vibrant and contemporary to give them the essential tools they need while keeping them legal and proficient.

Scott IPC
Training Port