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Services for all Categories of aircraft operation


Global Express Supplemental Crewing – I accept assignments on all models of Global Express as a supplemental crewmember and maintain full currency and PIC qualifications to meet your needs. With experience in every region of the world on the BD700 Classic (incl. Batch 3), XRS, G5000, G5000 Vision, & 6000, let me support your need for supplemental crewing. I offer a tailored Entry into Service Program (EIS) for the new operator until your crews gain comfort and experience with the aircraft.

Training Program Designn – Global express training supports the safety case by providing both the initial and sustaining skills to keep your operation on a path of continuous improvement. Any training program must be tailored to support your objectives. Value does not always equate to expense, so let us design a program that sustains your crews with quality.

Training Vendor Selection – Once your program is designed to support your goals, then we can assist you by providing 'best in class' recommendations to provide a valued based training solution. Providing recommendations helps fulfill aircraft ownership solutions so you can focus on meeting your overall goals.