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Services for all Categories of aircraft operation


Regulatory Obligations of Ownership – Many owners and operators only have the opportunity to buy or sell an aircraft once or twice in the span of a career. There are many subtleties in your regulatory obligations that may be overlooked. Let us relieve you of that burden and ensure that all of the details are addressed in your required aircraft documents.

Agent for Service Non US Citizens – Letters of Authorization (LOA) for US registered aircraft may not be issued to other than US citizens. Allow us to serve as your Agent for Service to receive and maintain the operational Letters of Authorization for your aircraft.

FAA LOA Data Packages – The preparation of a comprehensive FAA Data Package, requesting approvals for RVSM/MNPS/NAT, RNP, PRNAV, & Operator MEL authority, can be a labor intensive process. We employ the latest FAA Job Aids to ensure that all of the four elements of your request are met the first time. Allow us to relieve the frustration you can encounter and deliver an efficient solution.

Operator SAFA Preparation – There are things that you can and must do to be prepared for operations in EU airspace and foremost among them is to be ready for the inevitable Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA). Don't be embarrassed; be prepared with a comprehensive document set that flows with the SAFA inspection checklist items.

NextGen LOA Data Packages – It is an unfortunate fact that the equipage of the next generation of avionics, on globally capable aircraft, comes with a complex set of data submission to satisfy the regulator and gain the necessary approvals. Submit too much and the package is rejected, submit too little and the response is delayed. We have a proven track record of getting your bowl of porridge 'just right'. Let us handle your ADS-C (CPDLC), ADS-B, and Operator MEL today.

Operating Agreements - With the purchase or sale of any high performance aircraft comes an obligation, to the State regulatory authority, to obtain and manage a number of agreements that allow your aircraft to attain all of its operational capabilities for all intended States of Operation. Allow us to assist you with the complexities of aircraft documentation.

FAA. ICAO, & State of Registry Requirements – Many operators operate under the false assumption that all of their existing approvals are valid wherever in the world they may fly, thereby unwittingly exposing themselves to a trap ready to be sprung. Not only are you expected to comply with the State of Registry but also those of the State of Operation. The Code of Federal Regulations in FAR 91.703 reinforces the requirement. Let us prepare and assist with the subtle but critical preparation so you’re not surprised.