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Services for all Categories of aircraft operation


IS-BAO Implementation – IS-BAO is a dynamic set of best practice standards that allows your operation to mitigate risks to the lowest level practicable. We can bring our experience to help you to meet or exceed those standards with solutions that have proven themselves to be highly successful in different venues. Permit us to assist you in implementing your IS-BAO program.

IS-BAO Auditing – Once you have your IS-BAO implementation in place and your latest protocols are satisfied and documented, contact us for an affordable and thorough Stage 1, 2, or 3 registration audit. Auditing is a helpful tool for the operator to gain a 'snapshot in time' of where they stand against both the standards and their goals.

Forensic Document Review - We have a tried and proven analytical tool set to examine your operational documentation in great detail and provide you the 'fix it' solution on the spot or to get you on the path to correcting your deficiencies. Don't allow yourself to continue with a known deficiency that could jeopardize your insurance coverage in a claim; let us examine your required aircraft documents today!

Service Program Selection – The task of initiating services for each of the installed components and features of a sophisticated business aircraft can be a daunting task. Let Flight Assurance guide you through this process based on your preferences and goals.

SMS Guidance – The purpose of any Safety Management System (SMS) is to reduce operational risks and inform you with data that supports your operational decision making. Like a good pair of shoes, your SMS has to fit your feet and not hurt when you walk. Allow us to tailor your SMS guidance to fit your operational profiles.

Vendor Selection & Review – Are you operating with the most efficient vendor to meet your goals between service and expense? Let our experience suggest ways to attain operating efficiencies by streamlining your vendor portfolio. Once your aircraft is sold, allow us to close out your obligations.